The Okwelians Fellowship For Young Cameroonian Leaders™


OFYCL is an excellence program bringing together young Cameroonian leaders under the age of 30 and selected for their strong commitment to the City. It is aimed at future leaders (Fellows) with high potential profiles from all walks of life, public and private, economic, scientific, administrative, political, academic, cultural, sport or media. Each annual class of Fellows will be made up of 20 young leaders.

         The program is divided into 3 phases spanning 7 months (from April to October 2021):

  • Summer Camp, 7 days in Bertoua from 12-18 April 2021;
  • Inner Journey, between April 2021 and October 2021 (personal work under the supervision of a mentor);
  • Insight Expedition, 5 days in Lagos, 4-8 October 2021.       

The Jury will be composed of the members of the Board of Trustees, the Advisory Board, and Program lead Partners.  


  •  November 9, 2020: Opening of the call for candidates
  •  December 12, 2020: End of the call for candidates
  •  January 18, 2021: Announcement of the selected 20 Fellows

Applicants can enter their details in English or French.

Attention: * BEFORE * starting to fill out the form, please make sure to prepare the following in advance:

– Your reference letters of 3 people (one page maximum per recommendation)

– A 2 minute video (in English or French) where you introduce yourself, as well as your vision, your values ​​and why you would be a good Okwelians Fellow.

– Links to your social media pages (not required but appreciated)

For help completing this form, please contact us on

Curriculum Vitae

In order for your application to be valid, please upload your CV as a pdf, which must be saved as TheOkweliansFellowship_FirstName_LASTNAME_CV.pdf. PDF not to exceed 2MB in size.

Photo: jpg, gif, png, tif, bmp; max file size 2MB

Please provide links to your social media profiles.

How did you learn about this program?

The OFYCL program designed for Okwelians Fellows is divided into 3 phases spanning 7 months (from April to October 2021). The First Phase is a 7-day Summer Camp in Bertoua.
Please provide options for topics on which you would like to speak during the TED-like talk at the camp. (Short talk of 5-8 minutes long that uses certain evidence, experiences or observations and draws a compelling conclusion.)
Please indicate your selected topics in order of preference:

Select your preferred presentation language.

Please note that the Okwelians Fellows are expected to be bilingual
(French & English)


YOUR EXPERIENCE *reply where applicable

What function best describes your position (hold Cmd or Ctrl to choose more than one, choose two maximum):

Please list your positions in reverse chronological order, starting with
your current, or most recent one. If all positions are in the same
company, please give the major promotional sequence.



What do you think is the greatest problem Cameroon faces today? Please give details of specific activities that you do, which indicate how you are actively committed to the transformation of Cameroon.
Activities can include a variety of different ways of getting involved, such as building a project, leading a group, conducting research, or volunteering.
It is important to emphasise the ways in which your involvement has a concrete impact on a community, or a wider public.

You can add up to two supporting files as evidence of your involvement. These can include, but are not restricted to photos, videos, reference letters, articles etc…

Please provide a one-page reference letter of 3 persons who can confirm your involvement and representative role. Please note that the nominating executive must be someone other than the
applicant. The Okwelians may contact the nominating reference as part of the application review process.
The attachment must include the following information:
- Signature of nominating executive
- Date
- Name :Last (family) First Middle Initial Prefix (Mr., Ms.) Suffix (Jr., II)
- Title or position
- Referring organization name
- Referring organization address
- Referring organization telephone
- Email

Please upload a link to a 2-minute video on Youtube (or another channel), where you present yourself, your vision, your values and why you would be a good Okwelians Fellow. Please upload your video in English or French.
Please note that any video above 2 minutes will not be considered. Please ensure that your video is uploaded on Youtube (public or private mode).