OFYCL 2024


🤔 In concrete terms, who can apply?

👉🏿 Be a young professional, under 30 years old (as of November 30, 2023)

👉🏿 Be a Cameroonian citizen or native of Cameroon

👉🏿 Be fluent in French and/or English

👉🏿 Have demonstrated excellence and leadership in his or her sector of activity (private, public or non-profit)

👉🏿 Have a good reputation within his or her community

🤔 Why apply?


👉🏿 Develop all the tools needed to become players in the transformation of our country

👉🏿 During the Bootcamp, develop your sense of leadership and take full advantage of inspiring plenaries, Ted-like talks, community service activities and training workshops that will be delivered by top national and international experts and speakers

👉🏿 During a phase called the “Inner Journey”, enjoy the support of a mentor to not only develop but also to accelerate your professional and personal projects and positively impact your community

👉🏿 Recapture the evidence of the human bond that connects us to each other by expressing solidarity and generosity through community service

👉🏿 Participer à des visites d’entreprises à la découverte des champions 👉🏿 Participate in corporate visits to discover national champions and impactful talks with inspiring personalities and senior leaders from the public and private sectors, during the phase called “Insight Expedition

👉🏿 Establish strong bonds with other Fellows and members of The Okwelians community and enrich your human adventure

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