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The Think Do Tank The Okwelians is launching the second edition of its excellence program The Okwelians 100 (The O’100) through a call for applications from 11 August to 13 October 2022. This is an annual national ranking whose ambition is to highlight the 100 best students from Cameroonian universities and schools who distinguish themselves by their academic excellence and their commitment to society.

The objective of the O’100 ranking is to (i) promote academic excellence and civic engagement in the process of employability of youth in Cameroon (ii) value the best students of Cameroonian universities and schools for the excellence of their academic and social work (iii) support them in the definition or implementation of their professional projects.

🤔 What are the selection criteria?

👉🏿 Have a minimum average of 14/20 (B+);

👉🏿 Have the status of a student in a Cameroonian University/School for the academic year 2021 – 2022;

👉🏿 Be at the end of your academic cursus (HND, Bachelors, Masters, Engineering, Medecine or any equivalent diploma);

👉🏿 Submit a written recommendation of no more than one page by an academic/ professional/ association referent. Each referee may not recommend more than 3 people;

👉🏿 Have diplomas/certificates or any other document proving academic excellence;

👉🏿 Have an active involvement in society and provide relevant evidence;

👉🏿 Have signed the declaration on honour of the accuracy of the information provided (disclaimer).

🤔 What is the selection process?

The selection of the winners will be done in three stages:

  1. A dedicated team from The Okwelians will be responsible for receiving and reviewing all applications, verifying the completeness and authenticity of the application information and selecting a maximum of 200 finalists who will take the multiple-choice questionnaire test;
  2. A general knowledge questionnaire will be filled out online directly on The Okwelians website by the finalist candidates;
  3. A ranking of the 100 winners based on the multiple choice test;

The candidates agree, if selected, to participate in all activities, included within the framework of the program.

The evaluation grid formalized by the O’100 team will be used to rank the candidates on the basis of an overall score out of 20 points distributed as follows:

  • Academic background – 35% of the assessment;
  • Social involvement – 20% of the assessment;
  • Professional project – 15% of the assessment;
  • Multiple choice questionnaire – 30% of the assessment, only for the finalist candidates who will have been able to pass the first phase of selection.

🤔 What are the rewards?

  • An O’100 certificate of excellence;
  • A digital and face-to-face training program;
  • An internship in a company;
  • An annual subscription to a media library;
  • Access to certified training.

🤔 How to apply for this unique opportunity?

Complete the online application form available on The Okwelians website beginning August 11, 2022. 


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