About us

Established in February 2020, The Okwelians™ is a Think Do Tank of women and men whose mission is to build a community of ethical and responsible leaders committed to promote social innovation through ethical leadership.

We believe that by working together and pooling each other’s experiences and skills in a constructive, ambitious, and benevolent spirit, we can positively contribute to transform Cameroon, Africa and the world. It is in innovation, the ability to understand the complexity that surrounds us, and the solidarity that we want to anchor our actions.

The name "Okwelians," which comes from the verb "Okwele" (to learn in Duala), reflects our vision of leadership: leadership exercised with humility, discernment, and trust.

From this vision of leadership comes the values that we wish to carry through The Okwelians™.

Our Mission

Our mission revolves around three objectives:


We want to bring together leaders who share these values and aspire to be positive change bearers for the world.


We want to collectively build and instill creative, responsible, and ethical leadership.


We want to bring out ideas and innovative solutions with a strong social dimension for Cameroon, Africa and the world.


Celui de la franchise et d’actions menées en conscience.


Honesty and awareness in Action.

Envers soi-même et envers celles et ceux qui nous font confiance.
Towards ourselves and those who trust us.
Celle d’une communauté de destin au-delà des clivages générationnels, ethniques et socio-culturels.
Bringing together several ethnic groups, generations and sociocultural categories.
Faire face et rester fidèle à son essence en toutes circonstances.
Face and stay upright in the face of upheavals.
Apprendre chaque jour, de chacune et de chacun.
Learning from everyone and every day.

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